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"My compositions span a variety of genres including art music, alternative and progressive rock, works for theatre, film, and multimedia, and interactive & algorithmic electronic music. Some of my favorite compositions feature traditional instrumental performers interacting with software-based music systems. Many of my recordings below feature me as a guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, and producer/engineer in addition to the role of composer, arranger, and lyricist." ~V.J.

a little bit of everything

"This playlist contains a little bit of everything: some art music, some popular music, some works used in larger productions, and some electronic music." ~ V.J.

art music: chamber & solo instrumental compositions

electroacoustic & algorithmic

"This playlist contains featured pieces I've written that involve electroacoustic techniques in some way or algorithms that I've written. The software and algorithms I've created for these compositions are available for free from the downloads section." ~ V.J.

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theatre & film

"This playlist contains featured works I've composed for theatre and film. Notable works include stage adaptations of Hamlet and Othello, as well as original works by contemporary playwrights and filmmakers." ~V.J.

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video games & multimedia

"This playlist contains featured compositions and sound design I've contributed to video games; primarily for games published by Knockout Media and my own company Clear Blue Media." ~V.J.

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rock & pop

"This playlist contains featured select songs I've written in popular styles, particularly, rock, pop, alternative rock, and progressive rock. Featured bands I've written music & lyrics for include Clear Blue and Tone Poem" ~V.J.

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Complete Composed

All works featuring V.J. as a composer.

"All works in which I was the composer, as to contrast the "Complete" playlist, which features every recorded piece of music I've ever been involved in creating." ~V.J.

Complete Works

All works composed, performed, or produced by V.J.

"Every recorded piece of music I've ever been involved in creating; as a composer, performer, or producer/engineer." ~V.J.