"My wife, Raquel, and I are weirdo animal people; though, since you're taking the time to read this page: the weirdness might be relative. Below are some of the little ones that we have cared for together, as opposed to the creepier/crawlier ones Raquel cares for herself, which I love and admire from a healthy distance.

Holly (left) and Buddy (right) on the day we rescued them

Buddy & Holly

Adopted: June 1, 2019

"Ladies and gentlemen: please welcome Buddy & Holly! [tumultuous applause]
This bonded pair was previously performing on the streets of Whitehall, PA in the band “the Stray Dogs” until a police officer brought them to Peaceable Kingdom Animal Shelter. They now have a steady gig at Manzo Manor!

Holly (lighter brown color) is some kind of chihuahua mix and enjoys protecting our yard from squirrels, whereas Buddy (darker brown) is more of a typical chihuahua in that he enjoys sleeping on your lap under a blanket. As I've come to realize: I love chihuahuas more than most people, and what I mean is: "I love chihuahuas more than most people love chihuahuas", but also: "I love chihuahuas more than I love most people."

Buddy and Holly sunbathing in chihuahua-y glory Buddy and Holly siting in bag Buddy and Holly making sick beats in the studio


Adopted: April 2018

Fish is a Russian tortoise who formerly belonged to one of Raquel's friends who was no longer able continue caring for him. "Why is his name Fish", you ask?

Fish up close and personal while taking a bath Fish eating and making a mess while doing so

According to legend, in the early 2000s, a lone tortoise known only as the "fantomnaya obolochka" " prowled the streets of Saint Petersburg night after night, setting the wrong right, and bringing evildoers to justice; an outlaw hunting outlaws...a bounty hunter. Until one day, in exchange for a coordinated ceasefire among the underground amphibious mob-bosses and the local authorities, he vowed to leave Russia and never return. Using reward money he'd received from the government for the recovery of previously stolen spacecraft parts from Zond 5 , he boarded a ship to America. Landing in New York, he settled south to Virginia just outside of D.C. There, he learned the value of civil discourse and the American way, but years of political disappointment left him jaded and misanthropic. In 2002, he traveled north to Vermont where he soon became enamored with the music of Phish. Naturally, when the group disbanded in 2004, he was devasted, and, while pining and eating several pints of local ice cream, he told his fellow Phishheads: "I will carry on their legacy: I will legally change my name to Phish". And so it was that, after a minor incident involving a trademark infringement claim, this once-nameless tortoise became Fish. That's what happened; he was definitely not just randomly named "Fish" . 

Mr. Crowley
Crowley being Crowley Oh really?! Crowley glamour pose


Adopted: June 26, 2016 (200? - 2019)

"The man, the myth, the legend; behold: Mr. Crowley! Look on, ye mighty, and despair!

Mr. Crowley, or Crowley, as he liked to be called, changed my life; there's no other way to say it. Though he was only with us for about three years, my life is markedly better having known him (a shared sentiment, I think, of people who love their pets). But don't feel sad: Crowley had a legit "pet passport" Raquel and I took him everywhere with us during our time together and he even had friends on social media ! Take a look at these videos or his website MrCrowley.dog to see a gimpse of this little bugger in action! Senior dogs rock!"

Douglas and Merrick

Adopted: 2008, 2009 (Merrick ? - 2013)

Christmas 2008, Raquel, my then-girlfriend, got me Douglas as a gift; at the time, I didn't even know how much I was missing a Russian tourtoise in my life! A short while later, in 2009, Merrick, also a Russian tortoise was left on the doorstep of a petshop in a box with a can of catfood that they had apparently been feeding him (Note: tortoises are not cats). Merrick almost died, but, thankfully, pulled through; we think Merrick was wildcaught. After Merrick recovered, he and Douglas, who had been sharing a living space (a bookshelf turned on its side), began fighting eachother, so my friend Eddie and I designed a two-story Tortoise habitat (shown in this video ).