London Humanities and Arts Project Center

The London HUA project center offers an immersive, project-based onsite experience that satisfies up to three courses toward the completion of students' HUA requirement. The onsite component is a continuation of the pre-requisite HU2900 prep course through which students identify their course/degree needs and develop three unique milestone objective statements. During this onsite component, students participate in an immersive, hands-on project-based learning experience in London. By the end of this experience, students will have 1) visited numerous landmarks, sites, museums, concerts, and other points of interest, some selected by the students themselves, and 2) written reflections about these experiences identifying key persons, places, things, and ideas documented through an individual profile page, 3) gathered information and media to contribute to the body of knowledge through articles, and 4) completed the objectives to produce three major project milestones, each of which corresponds to the focus area of Humanities and Arts course credit that they are receiving.

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